Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Quiz - You Have Been Watching

I don't think there's any genre of movie which has the character's watching TV as much as in Horror movies. I'm not sure if it's a deliberate attempt by the film maker to establish a connection with the viewer, to make the events on screen resonate a little more with the audience, "Hey, I watch TV! Holy shit! That could be me! I'm doomed!" Perhaps watching TV is up there with pre marital sex and drinking as one of the big no no's of horror and we just haven't realised yet!

Or perhaps Horror Movie makers just like to have a little fun with their in-jokery, a little nod and a wink to the audience, which is why Funny Games and Henry are not in this list despite the 'protagonists' in those movies enjoying a little down time in front of the box. Those movies had a real point to their inclusion and were communicating something to us the audience. I also don't have them on DVD so couldn't get the images...

Anyway, the challenge here is to identify which horror movies these moments of chillin' away from the killin' are taken from. Bonus points if you can name what's showing on the screen.

Full credit of course to Johnny at Freddy in Space who often runs quizzes like this, which I love so much I stole the idea right from him. Cheers Johnny!


Johnny said...

I guess i'm a hell of a lot better at making these than solving them because I can only name the first one, American Psycho, and #8, Dawn of the Dead (remake)! =X

Nik Holmes said...

Hey Johnny, thanks for joining in. You still got two right, and I don't see that being beaten by anyone else anytime soon.

kindertrauma said...


3- The Thing?

7- American werewolf

8-Dawn of the dead


Fear on Friday said...

Spot on Unk, so that leaves 4, 5 & 6. 4 really is a tricky one as it's a movie which sit's somewhat seperate to the rest of the list but I really thought 6 would be one of the easiest. 5 is a newer movie than the others so perhaps it hasn't had the chance to ingrain itself upon the mind the way the others have.