Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Very Own Horror Blog

So here I am at my Mac all ready to go with one more blog about a subject I love, that subject being Horror Movies. I constantly want to post about horror over at my regular blog, but seeing as that blog is supposed to be about my illustration work I just don't think the two will get along. No self respecting horror fan want's to scroll through pictures of cartoon ladies sunning by the pool to get to my top ten Jason Voorhees looky likies and vice versa ( I think...not sure if that applies to that statement...) so despite a plethora of much finer horror blogs out there, I thought I'd throw my crumpled fedora into the ring. Who knows where this will lead, or what kind of blog this will turn out to be. I imagine more of a nostalgia trip than anything else. There are far too many other sites out there, fingers firmly inserted within the major artery of horror today, so I'm certainly not going to be providing any major breaking news about what's to come in the world of terror cinema. And I'm based in the North of England, so I'm certainly not in line to attend any horror conventions anytime soon. No, my posts will no doubt revolve around such self indulgent fare as why House of Wax is one of the best remakes out there today, why after 12 Friday the 13th instalments they still haven't made an actual Friday the 13th movie or why I think David Lynch has made some of the most terrifying moments in cinema history despite having never made a horror film. But still, who knows, it may be fun once I get into my groove. I hope you'll stick around to find out.


Johnny said...

Glad to see you've started your own horror blog, Nik. Consider me a regular reader!

Nik Holmes said...

Hey Johnny, kinda cool that you're my first comment (hopefully not last) as it was your blog which inspired me to quit rambling away on Freddy in Space and start up some rambles of my own. Thanks for stopping by!